Critiquing Services:

I am available for critiques of groups of individual poems or for chapbooks by mail. The turnaround time is one month unless otherwise agreed to and payment is expected at the time the work is started.

I. Critique of Sample of poetry: I will provide a careful reading, marginal notes and a written commentary on groups of the shorter of 4 poems or pages. The cost is $175 per group of poems. Iím very willing to work with a poet over time. Perhaps on a monthly basis. Or to provide a critique on a one-time basis. This is my favorite way of working since it allows for intense focus and a commentary that typically runs from 3-4 typewritten pages.

II. Chapbook (20-30 pages) (one month turnaround) for marginal notes and written assessment: $400. When critiquing chapbooks, I pay close attention not only to the poems themselves, but to the order of the poems, concentrating on the way they work together as a whole, and a work of art.

In addition to my own poetic achievements and my years of teaching poetry in colleges and private classes, Iíve had many years of experience working with a few poets at a time by mail and email, to help them craft and strengthen their work. My approach is gentle and encouraging but also honest. My goal is to help make each poem be as strong as possible and to encourage and guide the poet. The poets I most want to work with already know the basics of craft, but may be still working at learning and improving their own skills. They are serious about their poems and the poems of others, and they are open to suggestions. Following are comments from some of the poets Iíve worked with in the past:


1. Everyone knows about on-line-dating services. I didnít need a mate, I wanted a mentor, a tutor, and found Patricia Fargnoli on-line. The most gratifying partnership evolved. She accepted me as her student, supported my desire to learn to write, led me patiently, word by word into a vast comprehension, conceptualization of the craft and choices in composing poems. I was doing it for fun but ended with a complete identity I didnít anticipate, gratified to say now, I am a poet and Patricia Fargnoli was my teacher!

Carol Levin is the author of four poetry collections. The most recent, Confident Music Would Fly Us to Paradise, MoonPath Press 2014.

2. ďFor the years I worked with Pat, I'd wait for a packet of poems, critiqued right on the poem itself, plus an overview. Sometimes the large brown envelope would include other poets' poems to look at, an article I might enjoy. Pat was always encouraging, but forthright. I could tell she'd spent a lot of time pondering the poems. In our time together, I became a better poet through Pat's mentoring. She is gracious and generous, and working with Pat was always a pleasure. I highly recommend studying with her. You will learn, improve, and begin to dialogue with your own poems. You might hear a small quiet voice in the background--Pat Fargnoli has become part of your process.Ē

Mary Jo Balistreri, is the author of three collections of poetry. The latest is Best Brothers , Tigerís Eye Press, 2013

3. "Patricia Fargnoli read my poems in their earliest forms, made excellent editing suggestions, and encouraged me to go forward in their development. Her mentorship helped me to turn those poems into my first published book, Currents in the Stream (North Star Press, 2014), and I would recommend her critiquing expertise to anyone who writes poetry. "

Charlotte Cox, is the author of Currents in the Stream, North Star Press, 2014

4. Pat Fargnoli's notes on my poetry manuscript were extensive. She included a general review and made recommendations for the entire collection, and she also made suggestions on individual poems (several were later published because of her edits). Not only did Pat point out specific themes Iíd written about, she showed me ways to organize the poems according to those themes. And although she could have stopped there, Pat went on to suggest both a list of poets I should be reading and journals where I could send my work. She is a gentle but thorough reviewer.

Gail Comorat

5. As an accomplished poet who has honed and polished her own craft, Pat Fargnoli is equal parts mentor, friend, alchemist.
She is a human being of immense generosity. She sees what shines in your work and with kindness points to changes that can make your work stronger.
Her encouragement was, for me, humbling. She embodies inspiration. I donít believe it is an overstatement to say that working with Pat changed my life.

Brenda Nicholson Cavicchio

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